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Programme at a Glance

Wednesday 16th April – Thursday 17th April 2008

Registration 7.30am


8.30am – 6.00pm

Session 1 - Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, at School, and at Home

Session 2 - Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, at School, and at Home (cont.)

Session 3 - The How, What, When, and Why of Mental Health: Is it Possible To Become Lastingly Happier and, If Yes, How?

Session 4 - Happiness and the Journey of Life

Session 5 - The Scheherazade Magic: A Singaporean Writer Shares The Joy And Power of Story-Telling


Thursday 17th April


8.30am – 6.00pm

Session 6 - The Science of Happiness and Well-Being: Singapore Perspectives

Session7 - Positive Education: Bringing Well-Being to Parents, Schools And Universities

Session8 - Parenting and Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Session 9 - Positive Psychology and Culture: Pleasure, Domains of Life, and the World of Food

Session 10 - Happiness in a Global Workplace – Culture in your Heart or on your Back?

Session 11 -Question Time

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Happiness Conference 2008

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A Big Thanks to all our participants
We are so thankful to all of you who helped make the 1st Asian New Science of Happiness and Well-Being Conference such a success. After much planning and long days we had a full house of 250 people – people from all walks of life – parents, executives, health workers, government officers, prison officers, police officers, psychologists, university lecturers, coaches to name just a few.


Special Thanks to Minister Lim Boon Heng

Minister Lim Boon Heng


It was such a privilege to have as guest of honour Minister in the Prime Minister’s office Mr. Lim Boon Heng who shared many insights on what happiness means for Singaporeans and talked about the Governments commitment to ensuring that the conditions and policies are in place for people of all walks of life to be happy.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Martin Seligman

Martin Seligman
Despite his busy schedule Mr.Lim was kind enough to stay with us to hear the session from Dr. Martin Seligman. As one of the founders of positive psychology Dr. Seligman has done more than most to spread the good news from happiness research – that all can choose to be happy by focusing on some simple things. 

The three types of happiness stemming from positive psychology research were shared - Positive Emotion – “the pleasant life”; Positive Character – “the engaged life; Positive Institutions – “the meaningful life”. Of special interest was Dr. Seligman’s suggestion that Singapore could lead in ensuring the happiness of its citizens. Likening Singapore to Florence of the middle ages – he said that having secured economic development Singapore could focus on well-being beyond material wealth.

Wealth of Happiness Experts from around the world


The conference progressed with wonderful contributions from our experts who spoke on health, education, literature, policy, culture and laughter - the audience was given a virtual “smorgasbord” of latest thinking on happiness and positive psychology. Focusing on in-depth of analysis leading global experts shared their thoughts.


PROFESSOR SONJA LYUBOMIRSKY – inspired us with her latest research on whether it is truly possible to increase happiness; 

PROFESSOR GEORGE VAILLANT – challenged everyone to re-think their life priorities; 

DR. CATHERINE LIM – had us all truly engaged and entertained with wonderful stories of how each of us has our own story;

PROFESSOR DAVID CHAN – truly engaged all of us with a wonderful and expert analysis of happiness and well-being and the Singapore context. The audience really appreciated his wide experience and his ability to make positive psychology research alive and practical. He left us wanting more!

DR. ILONA BONIWELL – had expert advise on how to develop educational strategies based on positive psychology; 

DR. JUDY WILLIS – brought us practical down to earth advise on how to engage our children – helping us understand the workings of the brain; 

PROFESSOR PAUL ROZIN – strayed far and wide into the intricacies of food and culture;

AVI LIRAN – got us up and moving showing how laughter and happiness are interconnected;

PHILIP MERRY – shared stories of Global Leadership & Well-Being


Without doubt a highlight of the 2 days was the announcement of Singapore’s happiest person award. 200 participants were nominated by friends, colleagues and family members, which was whittled down to a group of 16 short list. The top four were announced before the conference and the winner was announced as the last event of the conference. John Bittleston of Terrific Mentors was emcee and generously donated $200 for each of the 15 finalists. 


The top four were:  

1st Andy Goh

2nd Ng Chai Lee

equal 3rd Stella Fernadez

equal 3rd Zaibun Siraj 

Prizes were generously donated by our generous sponsor Marriott Vacation Club Asia Pacific and included

First Prize
: 3D/2N, 2 bed villa Stay at Marriott's Phuket Beach Club worth S$2240
Second Prize: 3D/2N Stay at Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa worth S$648 
Third Prize : 2D/1N Weekend Stay at The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore worth S$410

Press Coverage

Press Coverage


We were lucky to have had incredible press coverage – by the end of the event, the conference and search were covered 60 times in the local press/TV/Radio – not to mention coverage all over the world. The search and conference were picked up from Germany to South Africa to New Zealand to Uzbekistan to India and many other countries. 




A big thank you to all our Academic Partner – Singapore Management University – Sponsors – Borders, Positive Psych, Spa Boutique, WER1 Consultants– and Media Partner – XL Results Foundation; Suppliers – Kinetiqbuzz, Rhema Design, Unity Printing Services - whose support and help were truly appreciated


Global Leadership Academy

Finally a great big thanks to all of our staff and helpers at Global Leadership Academy – Rachel Ang, Deborah Eeh, Manuela Estante, Marian Lin Sheng, Tan Siew Lan, and Marnie Vergara – whose hard work and dedication made this possible. 



Normala Shamsudin and Philip Merry




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