* Understand The Science Of Happiness and be “Simply-Happy” NOW! *
* Accelerate your Parenting Skills, Your Health and your Learning *
* Allow the Science of Happiness to build skill in Work/Life Balance *
* Build a Motivated Workplace with Well Being and Happiness Concepts *
* Help Your Family, Children And Loved Ones Increase Their Happiness *
* Receive Tools To Sustain Happiness For The Rest Of Your Life *
* Understand Latest Scientific Research on Happiness and Money *


Programme at a Glance

Wednesday 16th April – Thursday 17th April 2008

Registration 7.30am


8.30am – 6.00pm

Session 1 - Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, at School, and at Home

Session 2 - Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, at School, and at Home (cont.)

Session 3 - The How, What, When, and Why of Mental Health: Is it Possible To Become Lastingly Happier and, If Yes, How?

Session 4 - Happiness and the Journey of Life

Session 5 - The Scheherazade Magic: A Singaporean Writer Shares The Joy And Power of Story-Telling


Thursday 17th April


8.30am – 6.00pm

Session 6 - The Science of Happiness and Well-Being: Singapore Perspectives

Session7 - Positive Education: Bringing Well-Being to Parents, Schools And Universities

Session8 - Parenting and Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Session 9 - Positive Psychology and Culture: Pleasure, Domains of Life, and the World of Food

Session 10 - Happiness in a Global Workplace – Culture in your Heart or on your Back?

Session 11 -Question Time

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Personal Well-Being and Health

  • Understand the science of happiness
  • Be “Simply-Happier”
  • Build meaning into your life that enhances long-term happiness
  • Form more emotionally stable relationships
  • Clarify why money alone does not always buy happiness
  • Integrate the pursuit of happiness and the drive for material wealth
  • Be aware of the impact of cultural values on happiness
  • Find happiness and well-being beyond stress
  • Clarify how happiness is linked to optimum health
  • Hear the latest neuro-scientific findings about the human brain and happiness
  • Receive tools to sustain happiness for the rest of your life
  • Understand what builds happy communities

Family & Education

  • Accelerate your parenting skills
  • Build a relationship with your children that helps them thrive
  • Learn how teachers and parents can partner to enhance happiness for children
  • Develop strategies to reduce the brain's filters that block learning
  • Understand strategies to help children reduce stress, increase alertness, sustain optimism, increase motivation, build strong long-term memories, develop higher-level thinking and practice creative problem-solving
  • Hear the Implications of Positive Psychology for classroom and the whole school environment
  • Build more happiness into your family life
  • Understand how positive psychology is linked to life-long learning
  • Get clear on how happiness is connected to your unique talents and life purpose

The Workplace

  • Develop a strategy for growing a happier organisation
  • Build skills in work/life balance
  • Let the science of happiness accelerate the success of your training and HR activities
  • Understand how positive psychology impacts optimum performance
  • Develop a happier work environment
  • Develop happier, more motivated employees
  • Understand the leader’s role in developing happiness
  • Understand what positive psychology means for Singapore and the region
  • Understand the Fuzzy Logic of Happiness – and Reconcile East and West in Singapore
  • Clarify Management in Organizations and Policy Making in Singapore

 In short the conference will be benefit:

Those who want to understand the latest scientific research on what contributes to well-being in life – and who want to develop the skills to make their own lives and the lives of others happier and more meaningful


This will not be a typical “academic” conference where you are “talked at”. Participants will be asked to take a personal happiness journey, and experiential, skill building exercises will be given by speakers in the following areas to enable participants to apply the learning to their own lives.

  • Happiness and YOUR Health
  • Happiness and YOUR Life Journey
  • Happiness and YOUR Life-long learning
  • Happiness and YOU as a Parent
  • Happiness and YOUR Child’s Education
  • Happiness and Teaching
  • Happiness and YOUR Brain
  • Happiness and YOUR Cultural Values
  • Happiness in a Global World