* Understand The Science Of Happiness and be “Simply-Happy” NOW! *
* Accelerate your Parenting Skills, Your Health and your Learning *
* Allow the Science of Happiness to build skill in Work/Life Balance *
* Build a Motivated Workplace with Well Being and Happiness Concepts *
* Help Your Family, Children And Loved Ones Increase Their Happiness *
* Receive Tools To Sustain Happiness For The Rest Of Your Life *
* Understand Latest Scientific Research on Happiness and Money *


Programme at a Glance

Wednesday 16th April – Thursday 17th April 2008

Registration 7.30am


8.30am – 6.00pm

Session 1 - Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, at School, and at Home

Session 2 - Positive Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, at School, and at Home (cont.)

Session 3 - The How, What, When, and Why of Mental Health: Is it Possible To Become Lastingly Happier and, If Yes, How?

Session 4 - Happiness and the Journey of Life

Session 5 - The Scheherazade Magic: A Singaporean Writer Shares The Joy And Power of Story-Telling


Thursday 17th April


8.30am – 6.00pm

Session 6 - The Science of Happiness and Well-Being: Singapore Perspectives

Session7 - Positive Education: Bringing Well-Being to Parents, Schools And Universities

Session8 - Parenting and Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Session 9 - Positive Psychology and Culture: Pleasure, Domains of Life, and the World of Food

Session 10 - Happiness in a Global Workplace – Culture in your Heart or on your Back?

Session 11 -Question Time

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World Premiere in Singapore

South East Asia is one of the most economically vibrant regions in the world and The Science of Happiness and Well Being conference will attract many people from Singapore and around the region. As personal wealth grows – well-being and happiness are not necessarily increasing. Money alone does not necessarily buy happiness and people are looking for something else to give meaning to their lives – hence, the interest in alternative medicine, meditation and other spiritual practices. The New Science Of Happiness And Well-Being will share the history of, and latest research on happiness as well as help participants understand how to develop long-term happiness in their own lives. We now understand the “SCIENCE” of Happiness – and that understanding has enormous implications for the workplace, health, education, parenting, for the pursuit of material possessions and for the journey of life.

The New Science Of Happiness And Well-Being conference brings together a faculty of the 9 world leaders in well being and happiness for this event – including the founder of positive psychology – Dr. Martin Seligman – author of best seller Authentic Happiness



Positive psychology is touching the lives of people and workplaces around the world, transforming attitudes toward health, ageing, education, parenting, families, cultural values and economic development. Positive people are more engaged, happier and optimistic. From a business perspective, positive workers have fewer sick days, higher levels of self-esteem, perform better and are more determined and motivated at work. At this conference you will learn how to apply the lessons of The New Science Of Happiness And Well-Being to your life, the lives of those you love, to your organisation and to your community. Evidence shows that people with higher levels of well-being and happiness:

  1. Have higher overall contribution to the community
  2. Have less health problems and recover more quickly from illness
  3. Are more effective parents
  4. Are better and happier performers at work
  5. Have less incidence of mental and emotional upset
  6. Recover more quickly from adversity
  7. Are more creative
  8. Are better team-players
  9. Have higher levels of motivation
  10. Form more emotionally stable relationships


Whether you are involved in financial services, community development, government ministries, business, human resources, social and corporate responsibility communication, organizational development, marketing, executive coaching, training or business consultancy, The New Science Of Happiness And Well-Being conference will make a valuable contribution to your effectiveness and success.

This new science of happiness and well-being challenges the conventional wisdom that solving personal problems, leading a “normal” life and keeping ourselves mentally fit (sometimes expressed as how to move from - 5 to 0 i.e. moving from dis-functional to normal) -is the appropriate focus of psychology. The new science of positive psychology marks a break from the past by concentrating on how to build happiness and success (or how to get from 0 to + 5). While it seems to be true that some people are born with a pre-disposition to happiness or un-happiness – positive psychology research indicates that all of us can learn how to be happier, and many individuals, societies and organizations are implementing these findings to help them grow and succeed.  The New Science of Happiness and Well-Being conference will help you understand how to put the findings of positive psychology to work in your community, your organization and your life and become Simply-Happy.